Google Adsense Tax info|US  Tax info AdSense Update 2021

Google Adsense Tax info|US Tax info AdSense Update 2021

Hello all Bloggers or youtubers and the digital people.

Google recently updated the US Tax info AdSense 2021 to be filled in your AdSense account.

Have you have received this message i am showing below?

US tax info for AdSense 2021

Then you are at the right place i will let you know how to manage that tax info.

As i already submitted it and got approved. You can see that below:

US tax info for AdSense 2021

Let’s get started with form filling now:

How to Manage Tax Info:

Step1: You have you click on Manage Tax info that is displayed at the top of your AdSense account.

Then that will take you to payments page where in settings section we have manage tax info.

There click on Add Tax Info then it will ask for the google verification.

Complete the authentication of your AdSense account then we can start filling the form.

Then you will see something like this which is shown below:

US tax info for AdSense 2021

If you are an individual who is operating this then select individual else select Non-individual/ entity.

If you are a resident of United states then select yes else Select No.

As i was not a resident of India i am selecting as No.

After clicking on next you will be asked to pick a form that is also related to individual and business.

Select individual form if your only doing this or select business one if you have a organization.

Then we need to fill the Tax Identity as shown below:

US tax info for AdSense 2021

Firstly provide your name which is your name in id proof of yours. Not any nicknames keep that in mind.

If you are not a business then keep it the same. if you have a business then enter your business name there.

Select your country of citizenship. here mine is India.

Here in the following step there were two conditions:

  • You can provide the Foreign TIN Number.
  • You can leave it blank.

If you leave this blank then click on next or the next step after this won’t be visible for you.

Adsense 2021 tax

These two fields are optional but if you have pan number then you can enter that in Foreign TIN.

If you want to know more about TIN then click here.

Here are some results from Google about TIN number in India:

After you click on Next the address tab will be visible for you to enter all the required details and click on Next.

Don’t forget to provide if the mailer address is same or not.

Then the next step is Tax Treaty. Provide if you are claiming the reduced rates of tax or not.

If you don’t claim a tax treaty then all you will give 30% tax on the payments because that is considered a US source of income.

As i already provided the TIN number i will opt for Yes.

After that select which country resident you are, i will select India.

After selecting this we will be shown the special rates and conditions as per our selected country as shown below:

Carefully select all the details shown below:

After completing all the required fields click Next then it might take 30 seconds and it will create a tax document that needs to be verified before proceeding to the next step.

Confirm that everything is ok in the document and click Next then it will ask for the signature as shown below.

Enter your full name that is used earlier step.

If you are the one who is handling this AdSense Account then Select Yes else Select No.

Click on Next then in the below step you need to verify that you haven’t done any services based on the US.

After clicking on next this is our final step of this form as shown below:

If you received any payments earlier then select the second option else you haven’t received any payment yet from Google AdSense then select the first one.

Finally, click on submit.

After submitting it will take one minute and your status will be shown as approved. You have successfully completed US Tax info AdSense 2021.

If not approved comment below we can look at that together.

Happy to see you reading my article, there is a lot to come in future.

Stay safe! Stay Healthy!

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