Spam Score decide website ranking| Website ranking factors

Are you thinking spam score of a website will effect your website rankings?

I was also one among them till now but that is not the case with website rankings.

I seen a YouTube video regarding spam score when i was starting my blogging journey.

And started believing that will decide the website rankings and worried about the spam links to my website.

So, I started checking those links every day and wasted a lot of time doing this instead of concentrating on my blog.

At last i figured out that isn’t the case how google rank websites.

Top Tools for spam score checking:

Search anywhere either it is on YouTube or google the first name that you will find is Moz.

What is Moz?

Moz was founded by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig in 2004.

Initially it was SEOmoz and later modified to Moz.

When the internet era and digital marketing is started they thought of building a community around them by sharing their learnings and discoveries about Seo.

Then they started figuring out some of the best ways to do Seo and climb the website rankings ladder.

On that process of that discovery phase they also defined about spam score.

Who derived Spam Score?

As i stated above the term spam score defined by Moz not by Google.

But by the hype around the internet makes us believe that it is one of the most important points to take note of that.

What happened because of the Spam Score?

In order to decrease the spam score, we need to get good backlinks from genuine website or website which has high DA.

In this process, it created a need for Backlinks for the new website or beginners who don’t know about spam score.

Finally word about Spam Score

Don’t bother about the spam score of your website. It doesn’t have anything to do with your website rankings.

Do you believe me?

If you don’t believe me about this topic i can suggest you to do one more thing.

Go to google and pick one of the most famous blogs that of your choice and check their website spam score.

Lastly, I wanted to suggest everyone not worry about the spam score of your website that doesn’t affect any of your rankings.

But try to make more content and update the content regularly.

Happy to see you reading my article, there is a lot to come in future.

Stay safe! Stay Healthy!

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